My name is Stefanie Apple, but most people just call me Apple. I live and work in Brooklyn, New York. I am a storyteller and photography has always made sense to me. When I struggle to find words I can click to tell a story, use light to create a mood and frame to choose my focus. It is a language I understand that does not restrict me to define my experiences, but instead explore them and share them.

My most recent project is an ongoing photo documentary called ‘An Informal Residency.’ It was created from a feeling that something was missing and a question: How do I connect with other artists to discover how they found their community, space, and quality of life? What I found was that I am not alone in my search and it has shifted my entire practice. Complete strangers have opened their homes to me and we have shared personal life stories as I shoot them in their creative spaces. The authenticity that these connections brought were therapeutic for me and my subjects. I now seek to share this practice to build a strong creative community that supports one another to better connect, trust and grow.

For more information regarding employment opportunities or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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